Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sipping Tea with the Emperor and Queen Victoria

Vegan High Tea the other day at Baby aWEARness was a HUGE hit. We had a great time.

In preparation for the tea festivities, I watched a DVD called All In This Tea. One section included a quote (I'll have to paraphrase) that really moved me and that I would like to share with you:

“In this moment [of drinking tea], we have the same experience that Queen Victoria had 150 years ago, the same taste a Chinese Emperor would have loved. Tea is living archeology. We are resurrecting flavors and experiences that bind us to the past shared by generations before us.”

Comments from participants:

"I don't usually like scones, but yours were so buttery and delicious."

"You are a wonderful hostess! Thank you for a great time of tea and new friends! I look forward to another event in the future."

"You have a talent for making food and the sharing of it so meaningful."

"The high tea on Sunday was so lovely. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. We've been trying to catch up with one another so we appreciated you creating the time, the space, and all the wonderful goodies to indulge ourselves. I've been raving about it to everyone and hope you will do another one in the future (especially since you've got all those wonderful teapots to put into good use)."

"Thank you, Leslie, for the splendid time at High Tea and the onolicious food! I am grateful for you, your skill, your palate and your vision for the community and the world!"

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