Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Put Yourself First

In my last posts, I made a commitment to step out of my comfort zone and share more of myself with everyone. 2010 got off to a pretty rocky start for me, so I am in the energy of great celebration for the close of that yearly cycle and for the possibility of rebirth and renewal in 2011. I am in such deep and beautiful gratitude for the lessons I learned and all the frankly magical opportunities that came my way in the past year. It rocks! Possibly one of the greatest lessons of my life came in the first few days of 2010. I'm sharing this so that no one else needs to get "run over by a Mack truck" by the universe.

Here's what it was:


If I am not taking care of myself in the way I need to, then I cannot show up for anyone else to share from a place of wealth and abundance. Anything less than this comes from the energy of depletion and lack.

How does this relate to you?

Over and over again, I hear SO many people in my classes say, "My husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/kids need(s) this healthy food the most (more than me), but they won't eat it."

What does this mean?

It means that whomever is saying this is actually projecting a part of their own self-conscious onto another person. When you say "I am worried about my husband's blood pressure, weight, diabetes (etc., etc.)", take a moment to pause and look inward. Do you have these issues resolved for yourself?

Everything we do has to begin first with ourselves. I took 2 years of my life and spent a lot of my hard earned money to learn about macrobiotics in depth, engrossing myself and practicing cooking every single opportunity I had. I made big elaborate meals on the weekends or other days off, and then invited my dear friend Clair over to try everything. She and I traded, so that when I fed her, she gave me reiki treatments and NLP (these are what she was learning at the time). When I was home with my family over the holidays, I cooked my own dishes with enough for everyone to enjoy, and added these to our table as options. Often (but not always!), these were favorites and are now requested dishes each time I come home. And I can guarantee you that we did NOT grow up eating kale or miso soup!!

When you live and breathe health, and when you immerse yourself in caring for yourself, you will naturally attract interest. As I became a better cook and as my own health soared, it didn't matter what I put on the table. It was enjoyed as a gift of love from my heart because it was filled with the qualities I was vibrating.

When you reach this point, you won't need to say a single thing to anyone! Begging, forcing, controlling and cajoling will have quite the opposite effect you desire. When you are grounded in your own health and wellness, people will naturally gravitate towards your bright and shining light.

And just a reminder if you have forgotten: YOU'RE WORTH IT!!!


Anonymous said...

You are right. But the truth/knowledge is not enough. Everyone knows - only a few people DO.
Please go on with your tweets, posts etc. You give so much energy with your personality, your ideas and examples. Some more people will do...

Leslie said...

Thanks for taking time to leave your comment, and Merry Christmas!