Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A typical macrobiotic day

I finally got down to reading this wonderful book. I learned a lot from it, and discovered new recipes to try out too. Thanks Jessica! I especially enjoyed the following, from page 170.

A Typical Macrobiotic Day
From the Hip Chicks Guide to Macrobiotics by Jessica Porter

Wake up with the sun.
Feel sublime.
Be thankful for every single blade of grass that has ever been grown
under the sun.
Chew rice four thousand times.
Plant new rice in backyard rice paddy.
Make homemade clothes for twelve children.
Homeschool the children.
Appreciate life.
Cook nineteen course meal.
Chew rice nine thousand times.
Harvest rice.
Write letters to loved ones around the world, thanking them for just
Call Gwyenth and gossip.
Put twelve children to bed.
Make love to soul mate.