Monday, January 17, 2011

Leslie and Alan Wong Jammin' in the Kitchen

One of my favorite people here in Hawaii is Alice Inoue whom I met about 6 years or so ago when I had just come back from Japan and started teaching macrobiotics. She had mentioned that her partner is Alan Wong and right then and there I set the intention to someday work with him in some way with macrobiotics.

Fast forward to November 2010, where I had the wonderful honor to sit between Alan and Roy Yamaguchi to judge the Iron Chef competition through my participation in Grow Hawaii. While judging, I spoke with both of them and Alan and I decided to get in the kitchen and share inspirations with each other.

January 2011 represented the fruition of our agreement, and I spent several hours in his kitchen with him and his staff sharing some of my favorite vegan and macrobiotic recipes. With Alan directing, they expertly showed me how they plate and present the food in Alan's style. I learned so much and was so incredibly inspired by the brilliance I was surrounded by! Here are some of the photos, and sorry the quality isn't the best.

decorating the plate with sauces

spanikopita garnished with stuffed grape leaves and micro greens

quinoa pilaf with other treats

the 'everything dish' with everything we made during the day

a close up of the previous photo

another 'everything dish'

I'm so excited for the direction that really fine vegan and macrobiotic cuisine is taking here in Honolulu! This trend encourages me that more people will start enjoying healthier dishes more frequently! Hopefully more collaborations will ensue.