Friday, May 20, 2005

Albert Einstein said this??

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." Three Rules of Work

Great, I have a lot of opportunity then!

David Kelman Inspired Me

There is a magazine I have never read before called Fit Yoga. I love yoga, so thought, "What the heck, let's check it out." Inside the May 05 issue is an article about David Kelman, and reading it gave me a lot of inspiration and comfort. After the 9/11 tragedy, he dropped his high powered career in investment banking to do something to improve the world, to serve people, and to show his kids a different model of being "American". For these reasons, he opened a huge and beautiful yoga studio with several types of yoga offered (ashtanga, iyengar, and one other....i can't remember). He talks about having days when he felt he was in a desperate nightmare because no one came to the studio at all. (Like my days of no income.) On good days, he oscillated between panic and euphoria (For me one day will be panic, the next euphoria.) He experienced a shift in friends since he no longer fit neatly into the box, but is more in the margins, or what he called a "counterculture weirdo." I can also relate to those feelings, but thank the Universe for my family and Reni who gives me regular Leslie Maintainance, and Kathy Maddux who offers me work out of the kindness in her heart, and is the only other macrobiotic woman I know here. Like my teachers, he says "I believe that the right intention coupled with right action can produce something special." It was comforting to read about another's journey, and to know I am not alone.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Ziggy Cartoon

Last night I saw a funny Ziggy cartoon. Ziggy said,

"I ate 7 Happy Meals, and I am still depressed."

The Daniel Diet

Last night I met Dr. Shintani who wrote "The Hawaii Diet". He gave a faith based seminar at a local church here in Honolulu and the topic was the food Daniel ate during that particular time in biblical history. Now, I am not Christian, but I could really appreciate that there were so many people there at the seminar who were interested, genuinely interested, in how they could change their diets. The point was that the King wanted the peasants to eat King's food (imagine perhaps wine and other rich foods), believing it would make guards of the kingdom stronger and better able to protect the King. But Daniel refused, and would only accept food as God delivered it. That means it was fresh, local, organic, in season, and non processed -- essentially a macrobiotic diet. After 10 days of eating this way, Daniel was the strongest of them all, and the King would only ask Daniel for advice. That supports the idea that traditional cultures ate macrobiotically, and that changing one's diet can change one's life. This is just another way to look at the topic.

Dr. Shintani will be offering a program for those who would like to alter their diets. For a relatively small fee, they will come to eat for 10 days (like Daniel) and go through a series of blood work to make sure that all is well with medications. His goal is to get people off their meds and on the path to recovery with a natural whole foods diet.

I hope to cook with him. Perhaps I should say that I pray to cook with him on this project? I was very grateful to be there and be a part of everything, even though as I mentioned before, I am not Christian. A well balanced diet is so important for our health and well being.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Since I have been back here, I have been trying to generate interest in macrobiotics. This led me to make a business card, some flyers, and has me driving all around the island and on the web with outer islands trying to either give cooking lessons or offer services as a private cook. Hey, this is NOT EASY. Any suggestions out there? I have been to yoga studios, massage schools, culinary schools..... My teachers say, "Right action, or living for God, brings everything you need. Dont worry, students are coming, money is coming. Get one student and then more will come." This is a macrobiotic principle (works with money, lovers, etc so it should apply to work/business). Where are you my first cooking student??? I am waiting for you and trying to find you!

Rain and Diana Krall

The other night, I went to the Waikiki Shell to see Diana Krall with one of my good friends. The day had been so warm and beautiful, and I was so excited to go sit on the green grass, view the sunset, and listen to jazz with my friend. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the clouds blew in and the rain started gushing down on us. We were totally unprepared by this wet outburst, and cringed, huddling under our light jackets. As it came down harder and harder, and as the entire crowd groaned, I started laughing. Here again, I had a conscious choice what to feel. Here I was, with water not just raining from above, but also running down the hill toward me, no umbrella handy, so I was getting soaked. But I was with my friend who I didnt see regularly while I lived in Japan, I was back in Hawaii, and I was listening to great jazz music, and those things felt great. The water was warm and my feet were bare. I was wet, but so what? It would dry. It was more fun to enjoy the sensation of the moment.


Hello everyone,
There is a new magazine on the market called green*light that seems geared toward people who are interested in health and natural living. If you go to their website, you can order 4 free copies.
Aloha, Leslie