Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rain and Diana Krall

The other night, I went to the Waikiki Shell to see Diana Krall with one of my good friends. The day had been so warm and beautiful, and I was so excited to go sit on the green grass, view the sunset, and listen to jazz with my friend. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the clouds blew in and the rain started gushing down on us. We were totally unprepared by this wet outburst, and cringed, huddling under our light jackets. As it came down harder and harder, and as the entire crowd groaned, I started laughing. Here again, I had a conscious choice what to feel. Here I was, with water not just raining from above, but also running down the hill toward me, no umbrella handy, so I was getting soaked. But I was with my friend who I didnt see regularly while I lived in Japan, I was back in Hawaii, and I was listening to great jazz music, and those things felt great. The water was warm and my feet were bare. I was wet, but so what? It would dry. It was more fun to enjoy the sensation of the moment.

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