Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Daniel Diet

Last night I met Dr. Shintani who wrote "The Hawaii Diet". He gave a faith based seminar at a local church here in Honolulu and the topic was the food Daniel ate during that particular time in biblical history. Now, I am not Christian, but I could really appreciate that there were so many people there at the seminar who were interested, genuinely interested, in how they could change their diets. The point was that the King wanted the peasants to eat King's food (imagine perhaps wine and other rich foods), believing it would make guards of the kingdom stronger and better able to protect the King. But Daniel refused, and would only accept food as God delivered it. That means it was fresh, local, organic, in season, and non processed -- essentially a macrobiotic diet. After 10 days of eating this way, Daniel was the strongest of them all, and the King would only ask Daniel for advice. That supports the idea that traditional cultures ate macrobiotically, and that changing one's diet can change one's life. This is just another way to look at the topic.

Dr. Shintani will be offering a program for those who would like to alter their diets. For a relatively small fee, they will come to eat for 10 days (like Daniel) and go through a series of blood work to make sure that all is well with medications. His goal is to get people off their meds and on the path to recovery with a natural whole foods diet.

I hope to cook with him. Perhaps I should say that I pray to cook with him on this project? I was very grateful to be there and be a part of everything, even though as I mentioned before, I am not Christian. A well balanced diet is so important for our health and well being.

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