Monday, December 20, 2010

Change Your Food * Change Your Life

I set an important and life-changing goal for myself.

Want to know what it is?

This goal is to positively and radically change my life in 2011, to embrace my gifts and to show up fully in the world.

You see, I think that for that majority of my entire life, I have been hiding out. I've been too afraid to really just "go for it". I've been hiding behind fears, limiting beliefs, and other people. In fact, just writing this blog post has me totally nervous to share who I am with you! In the past, at times, just "being myself" and having my dreams was met with criticism and discouragement.

Well guess what? I'm doing some extreme make-overs that I intend will bring more ease, effortlessness, grace, love, and joy into my life!! And when I accomplish this, it means that I will have so much more of my own gifts to share with the world.

If you look at my life right now, you might never know that I used to:
  • be overweight
  • have acne
  • to smoke (a lot of) cigarettes
  • eat at McDonald's fairly regularly (in fact, I loved the french fries and chocolate shake as an afternoon snack)
But then I experienced a couple of really life-shattering experiences that set my life on a brand new course. As life brought these challenges, I have shifted into more of who I am. How did I do this?

I got to where I am now by QUITTING......


Here's what I quit:

1) Chicken, pork, and red meat first, then several years later finally dropped cheese and milk, and after that, fish, so that now I live a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

2) Processed foods. This was a revelation and a huge step toward completely renovating my whole life and my entire career. I felt so much better physically and emotionally that I was able to start my own business and embrace public speaking.

3) Negativity in my environment. "Food" comes in the form of what we are used to thinking of (e.g., what we put into our mouths), but did you ever stop to think about the "food" that is in your environment in general, such as the fear perpetuated by the media, the violence in the movies you watch, and people who drain your life force energy with their negativity? Have you had that same stack of clutter in your house for months? All of this is "food" because it's energy that you're taking in every single day.

4) Limiting beliefs. Because of my own life experiences, I've had significant limiting beliefs that have caused me to avoid living fully into my fullest potential. These old scripts play in our minds subconsciously, and you know what? They drain your energy. In committing to my life, to myself, and to happiness, prosperity, and abundance, I have been able to identify, cleanse, heal, and love myself more fully and sink more into my authenticity.

In addition to "quitting" I have also added in more positive influences -- let's call them "COMMITTING"! These have been:

1) Establishing a habit of eating whole foods, plant-based, organic home cooked meals. I didn't know how to do it when I first started my journey, so I got a bunch of books and read voraciously, AND I spent the money (in the thousands of dollars) to work with my teachers and educate myself. This became my passion and my full purpose for living.

2) Finding a community that would support me, and when I couldn't find community I started my own. I have an entire TEAM consisting of a coach, a mastermind group of fellow people with similar goals to my own who celebrate me and cheer me on and nurture me when I hit any obstacles (this happens to all of us no matter what stage we're experiencing), experts at shifting energy who I see here in Honolulu regularly, and friends and family who show up for me unconditionally.

3) Committing even more fully healthier living including spending time with awesome girl friends, meditating (doing this twice daily); nurturing and loving myself by keeping up a regular yoga practice, getting massages, resting, or going to the beach; as well as taking courses that will help me succeed.

What have been the results since I set and committed to my recent goal?

In the past month or two, I have radically shifted and received numerous blessings including:
  • being named one of the top young chefs in Hawaii by the trade magazine Hawaii Hospitality (and the majority of those mentioned in addition to me were men)
  • being named one of Hawaii's "most respected private chefs" by the Grow Hawaii team
  • landing a celebrity client
  • being featured in local and international food, fashion, and travel magazines
  • getting elected the chair for the newly formed Health and Nutrition Working Group in the Hawaii Food Policy Council
  • a spot on our local cable TV channel in November and December
You know it feels really good because my mission and purpose for improving my own life is so that people not just here in Hawaii, but the world, can experience healthier living! There are so many reasons for us to do this (and I'll cover them in another post.)

I'm going to be stepping even further out of my comfort zone, and I have to admit, this totally freaks me out. But I'm committed. I'm going for it!


Circling the Mystery said...

Thanks for sharing. Keep shinning.

Leslie said...

Thanks for taking time to read my post and also for your encouragement!

Sarah said...

Hi Leslie,
Happy New Year and New You!!!
I love the story you have shared and its one I can relate to too.
I will watch your progress forward, its inspirational..

Leslie said...

Hi Sarah,

Happy New Year!! Thanks so much. Keep in touch :-)


Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Good For You girl!!! Good for you! Woohoo!!! Yeah! I love this!

Leslie said...

Thank you my friend! Happy New Year to you both. Love, L

Erica said...

Leslie I am so happy for you!! I am so impressed at what you have accomplished since back in our Jr. High days! I'm so thankful that our paths have crossed again!
My goal this year is to start eating healthy, you have inspired me,so i will be following your website closely!
Love you girl!! I will be in Hawaii either June or July this year, hope to be able to catch up with you!!

Leslie said...

Hi Erica, Thank you my buddy from jr. high. I am so love that we are reconnected too! If you want to start now, I can help you. The new site I just launched is no cost for the next 15 days, and after that it's $10/mo to have me as your coach!

sparkels_3babe said...

Hi, thank you for sharing. I feel as if i'm going through some of the changes you mentioned and am so excited I came across your blog/twitter. Thanks for the motivation!

Leslie said...

I'm happy you found it too! Good luck in your transitions. I'm sure you'll find much greater joy as a result. Happy New Year! Take care, Leslie

change your life said...

Yes you are right that your food change your life....