Monday, April 11, 2005

The world is a beautiful place

Today was such a busy day full of running errands. I went into Manoa in search of a place called Great Life Bentos that sells macrobiotic lunch boxes, but she was closed today unexpectedly. Despite being disappointed at the closure, I was so happy to know that she is there and that I have more options for lunch, especially considering the only other macro bento place here in Honolulu doesn't really seem macrobiotic anymore. (Yin and yang -- everything that has a front, has a back.)

As I made my way around the post office, drug store, and various other places, I was so surprised at the gloomy faces and lack of smiles. Maybe it was because I have no tan yet and so people thought I was a tourist, but they sure weren't friendly. But today was so gorgeous, and rainbows were popping out all over the place. I wanted to tell them all that "Life is GREAT" and how the world is a beautiful place. Play, have fun! Enjoy yourself!

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