Friday, April 29, 2005

Thank heavens for nature and loving teachers

For the past month, I have been working hard to try and find a place to live in Honolulu. My spirits have stayed positive for the majority of this time, though searching for a place to live here was really a full time job, and I am happy to report that I got a really cute little cottage with a beautiful lanai to enjoy nights and weekends with my family and friends. May is the move in date. Suddenly, the reality of rent hit me. I spent the last two days in a complete panic. HOW do I start my own business???? How can I make money doing this????? Will I need to go back to teaching English?

I went for a walk with Kai, the Siberian Husky, our nightly ritual as the sun goes down and the weather cools off. He leaps through tall grass, sprints up the hill, and smells the flowers. When we get into a walking rhythm, and I can look at the stunning scenery around me, and I can smell the fresh air, and see the vibrant colors, things seem to be more positive.

I called my teachers who keep the "red line" open all the time. I am so grateful for their guidance and help as I make my way through uncharted territory, flung out into deep water. My teacher says, "Forget teaching English. That is the easy way. If you do or think this way, you will get stuck in karma and see the world in only one way. Trust and believe. Students are coming. Money is coming. Devote everything to trying to get students." I got off the phone with them feeling a lot better.

Thank heavens for nature and loving teachers. Oh, and great sisters too! I love talking by IM and hotmail with you Allison.

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