Friday, April 29, 2005

Always two ways to see the world

The other day I was out looking for an apartment. I was driving my car around and noticed the thermostat was suddenly all the way up to H for HOT! Hmmmm..... That had never happened to me before, and when my friend had this same car, it had never done that -- as far as I knew. I wondered to myself what it meant, and how to fix it, and decided to turn off the AC even though it was a really hot day. Well, my question got answered in short order when the car started smoking. I was in shock and panic. Seems to be a theme with this panic lately. What is going on with my kidneys I wonder? Anyway, I was a total damsel in distress not knowing what to do or who to call. (Note to self: Get AAA right away.) By the grace of the Universe, I had the number for a mechanic, because I had been planning on getting my car tuned up anyway. He suggested getting the car towed so that I didnt cause any further damage, and as I hung up, I wanted to cry. Why me? Why me? Why me? What does this mean? Oh, existential pain! Then I caught myself, and tried to see things in a different way. We always have a choice to see things in a different way. Instead of thinking how horrible it all was, I decided to think how great that this mechanic was helping me. Instead of worrying what others were thinking with my car parked in this awkward place, I thought, "Now I have more time to read my book" Instead of thinking how I was missing out on viewing all those apartments I had scehduled viewings for, I trusted that I would get the right one anyway, and maybe it was time to stop looking. The universe was sending me a message to stop looking, and that came through pretty loud and clear. The mechanic coming to tow me was going out of his way to borrow his friends tow truck, and he was putting aside everything on his que to come and help me, just because he is a nice person. Instead of being embarrassed for being towed, I instead thought, "How fun. I have never been towed before. I get to ride up in this big hefty truck and watch him shift those gears." Life is play, and I decided to make that moment into play too. I am so very thankful that he was able to help me. He didnt have to do that. Mahalo Tony!

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