Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A message from the KI Summer Conference

“Macrobios Global”
spoken by Michio Kushi on 7/29/2006 at the Kushi Institute Summer Conference

Michio’s Goals

1) Health recovery in the next 2 years. His ascending colon was 98% blocked which caused a water control problem for him. Since they removed part of the upward colon, where it was attached to his small intestine and appendix, this has been causing trembling and weakness in his legs. Left untreated, his condition could have led to a heart attack. His B-12 synthesis has been reduced and sometimes he requires shots. In the next couple of years, he’ll remain on a reduced schedule and try to recover his health. He said he’s been getting better and better all the time.

2) He’d like a comprehensive book of “Macrobios Whole View” or infinity from beginning of time to the end

3) He’d like a World Macrobiotic Federation with about 100 senior macrobiotic leaders from all over the world. The goals of this WMF would be to:

a. have 2 – 3 days of special studies with group tours between countries
b. hold more international events
c. have the countries/centers do their events (e.g., summer conferences) at different times to enable people to attend everything
d. make borders obsolete
e. create a world Constitution (i.e., Declaration of Independence-like document) and present to current world leaders in 2 to 3 years.

4) He’d like the current form of energy to change or to have another Industrial Revolution. At the moment, we’re using too much energy, digging too many minerals and oil, and burning too much oil, causing extensive pollution. The additional developing countries are now adding to this pollution. We need to avoid more global warming, and he makes this a 10-year goal. We need a new energy source such as:

a. the energy of Earth’s rotation
b. the transmutation of atoms from the 8 light elements into heavier elements

5) We need to recognize our ultimate purpose of having a spiritual and peaceful human kind, and practice self-love and love towards others. Religion, in his estimation, is not making a definite contribution to peace. The focus should be removed from the physical and instead should be refocused on more developed spiritual and mental states. He estimates this will take approximately 2000 years to accomplish. Health should overcome violence, sickness, and conflict, creating a new civilization.

While Michio is still alive, he plans to teach more. One example of this would be to teach a new type of visual diagnosis. For example, currently, each part of the face represents a different organ. Another way to do this is to take the whole face to read each organ. Specifically, if you’re looking at a woman’s face and wanting to diagnose the reproductive system, the eyes represent the ovaries, and the area around the eye represents the fallopian tubes. The nose is the uterus, and just below the nose is the cervix, the lips the vagina, and around the mouth is the endometrium. Another example is the lungs; the right side of the face is the right lung, and the left side the left lung, respectively. He’d like to be able to teach several styles of visual diagnosis to us all.

He wants a teacher’s health curriculum.

He thanks everyone for the work they have been doing and though he may not remember names, he remembers faces.