Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sayonara Macrobi Garden

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On Saturday night, I went to Macrobi Garden for the last time (until who knows when). I was so happy to see Anri and Eiko. Eiko just got back from America where she was living and cooking for Michio for 3 months. It was fun to eat dinner with everyone (and Anri's mochi awa with kabocha was soooooo oishi!) I will miss you all and thank you for everything and all the great memories. Take care!


jessie mo said...

i like your site, i'm interested in macrobiotics. i found it through googling.

Leslie said...

thank you for looking at my site, plus commenting on it. really glad you found it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Leslie,

I like to read your journal and I do it everyday. I am happy with my MB living in Thailand. But it is not so popular here. I have a plan to visit Japan for 10 days in october. I prefer to take some MB English class ,perhaps the basis one. Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you very much and warmly greeting from Thailand.


Leslie said...

Dear Lak,

Thank you for reading and commenting!

I love Thailand. Do you know the restaurant Cabbages and Condoms? My friend told me about it and said it is very good.

You could study with my teachers at Macrobi Garden in Osaka Japan. Write to Mie and Hiroyuki both speak English.

Bye! Leslie

Anonymous said...

Dear Leslie,

Yes I have ever this restaurant a few time and it is very nice. Thank you very much for your school email and contact person. You really make my life easy.