Sunday, March 27, 2005

Inner Quality Tip

I couldn't believe when I read this in my email! Here I am, getting ready to leave Japan, and emptying my home and life of everything I don't need, and suddenly this appears, which seemed to say exactly what I have been going through. I am giving up teaching English to do macrobiotics, and already my decision has brought work into my life. The same thing happened with George. He quit working a restaurant job, and suddenly, he was offered a chance at his dream job in the surf industry. Good job George!

Spring Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that when you let go of some of the unnecessary 'stuff' in your life new, exciting, and wished for things start to show up? Consider your drawers and closets at home. When they're full, there's no room for new stuff. Not to mention that you've probably lost track of what's even in them! But as soon as you clean them out and get rid of what you no longer need or want - new things start to show up.

It's the same with ideas, beliefs, or emotional attachments. Whatever your threshold (how big is your closet?) is for holding onto old notions or behaviors, once you reach that threshold, there's no room for new stuff until you discard some of the old.

Why not take the time this spring to pick an area in your life-- work, family, social, hobby, whatever-- where you want some new vitality, where you want to attract something new or where you want to actualize a desired behavior. Use the Quick Coherence® tool* to quiet the "yeah buts," "what ifs" and "just in cases." From a coherent perspective, ask your heart what to let go.

Be patient and stay neutral until you get an answer. Don't be surprised or afraid of what comes back to you. Then empower yourself to let it go, knowing that there is now room in your life for new, fun and exciting things.
Take care, Kim Allen

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