Saturday, June 20, 2009

What does your environment say about you?

When I lived in Japan, I initially felt very lonely and isolated in such a foreign place so different from any other place I had ever lived. My mood for a while was very dismal, dark, and grey. It seemed intensely difficult to negotiate my surroundings.

I had a lot of free time on my hands and had already started macrobiotics. One weekend during the afternoon, I was doing yoga, cleaning, cooking, reading, and just hanging out in my little apartment.

When I was in my hallway, I suddenly noticed how dark it was. The other thing I noticed, from a whole new point of view, was that there were two very interesting pictures up. These were the very first things I saw each and every time I came home.

What were they? The first was an oil painting that a dear friend made for me that was very well done, framed, and given to me for my birthday. The color scheme was black, grey, and white. I was looking down in the painting, feeling very sad. The second was a famous Japanese print of workers carrying heavy loads on their backs during a tumultuous and torrential rain storm over a bridge. Is it any wonder why I felt the way I did; alone, sad, and burdened? I was shocked by this realization, and changed them out immediately. I also added more light to the hallway.

The inner and the outer worlds are mirrors of one another.

Look around your home. Look at the pictures you have on your wall. Do they represent the life you want to lead of health, happiness, healing (if you are unwell), and vibrance? Or are they instead like mine were; dark, dismal, and dreary?

Please also look at your plants and garden. When you look around, is your garden healthy or is it dying? When you look at the plants and flowers you have in all the areas of your living space, are they thriving, or are they shriveled and dried up, sickly with virus? If you find plants that are unhealthy, they represent something going on in your own life. Cleaning them up, pruning, and replanting can bring better health and well-being.

Finally, scan your home. Do you have areas of clutter? These cluttered areas represent stagnation in your body and areas of your life including items such as family, health, education, travel, love, and career.

Take a fresh look at everything around you and change what doesn't help you reach your goals!!

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