Saturday, June 20, 2009

Accolades for Jun 19 Community Dinner

Thank you for working so hard to make the dinner tonight. I enjoyed this meal that was so efficiently put together! The tempeh was great---not too salty, but tasty. The arame salad was refreshing and the quinoa was light and pretty at the same time! I sense and feel the good energy in the soup and food that I ate. I look forward as usual to the next dinner that you and Kathy present at the Church of the Crossroads!
With much appreciation---Alice

It was so wonderful to see you and thank you so much for sharing your delicious and nutritious dinner available for us.The corn soup was so soothing, so natural taste. The red quinoa pilaf, seaweed salad were both all flavourful, the quality of ingredients you've chosen was so fresh, your Collard tempeh wrap had perfect harmony with Tahini garlic sauce with subtle smokiness in tempeh. *Amazing dipping sauce! I'd love to learn how to prepare.My husband refused to eat Tofu cheesecake at first, I insisted to have one bite, then as you said, should I warned, he ate it all by himself so I lost my dessert! Thank you again for keeping real Macrobiotic cuisine exists in Hawaii, look forward to seeing you soon. Kaori

Never thought that food like this would interest me, but it is seriously  Ľono! Malia

It is great that you have these community dinners. You provide an alternative to the few places that vegans can eat. George

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