Monday, June 04, 2007

The Seven Types of Chewing

Sometimes people ask about how many times you should chew your food, especially when you're dining with others... The following information comes from Chewing Made Easy: 42 Benefits, Tips, and Techniques by Alex and Gale Jack

1. Basic Situation in the home, office, restaurant, in conversation = 25-50 chews per mouthful
2. Party in a restaurant, club, stadium, with loud noise = 0 to 60
3. Travel in a plane, car, train with conversation going on around or high decibel noise = 25-50
4. Medicinal at home, in a medical center, or other where it's silent or semi-conversational = 50-100
5. Ecological in a natural setting, especially with other socially aware people eating plant-quality foods = 50-100
6. Spiritual where you are alone or with others; silent or semi-conversational = 100 to 300+
7. Free in any and all situations and noise levels = less than 25 to a thousand or more

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