Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Start where you are

This whole concept of blogging is new to me, and suddenly, the whole thing feels a bit intimidating. How does it work? What do I do? What do I write? Is anyone listening? Strange! Even though this is a whole new realm of the internet for me, it seems important to stay up-to-date on current technology and phenomenon occuring in pop culture, especially since I live in Japan and am out of touch with daily things in America. In yoga, they say to "start where you are", so here I go.

What is on my mind at the moment? Well, on my mind is the fact that in two months I will be leaving Japan and heading back to America -- back to Hawaii. My plan is to leave the field of teaching English (though retaining all the wonderful experiences and lessons through being a teacher), and start my own business in macrobiotics. What form that will take is of yet unclear.

For the past two years, I have been studying macrobiotics in Osaka, Japan and a whole new beautiful world has opened to me. This beautiful world encompasses more inner peace and a greater sense of happiness. Old worries and fears have not completely left me, but have consistenly dissapated, opening my mind and my eyes to the light and love the world has to offer. My goal is to share this with people in Hawaii.

Check for more postings as I learn how to enhance this blog.

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Chrissan said...

Hi Leslie, this is the most wonderful blog I have ever seen, you are a professional!!!! I can't even begin to think how much soul and time you have put into it.

I will keep on visiting you and learn much more on your subject, it interests me.