Thursday, February 03, 2005

How to have good luck in 2005

Sometimes over the weekends, I go to Macrobi Garden in Osaka, where I study macrobiotic cooking and theory with Hiroyuki and Mie Naka. They are incredibly kind, compassionate, and intelligent people who glow very brightly. The most recent lecture with Hiroyuki was "How to have good luck in the New Year" The two parts to this topic were "How to get more money with no effort" and "How to get a boyfriend/girlfriend with no effort." The following is my understanding of his answers.

He asked my friend and me about money first, saying, "How do you think we can become rich?" We went through many possible answers, such as "Do your best at everything" "Be mindful" "Keep the flow of money in circulation so it doesn't get stagnant" and various other replies. While we were racking our brains thinking of things -- still firmly in the material world (requiring effort), I knew he was aiming for something in the invisible world (focusing on the flow of energy). Our brains were having a hard time wrapping around this concept. We gave up and listened to his teaching....

Good Luck with Money

His main point is that if you think of money, what energy does it have? Is it more yin or more yang? Is money like our blood or lymph traveling and circulating? Hmmmm...... Maybe not? Perhaps it is actually more stationary, because if you put it somewhere, such as in the bank, it has strong gathering energy. Ok, so according to him, money is more yang. Is it really more yang?

Well, if you think of all the rich people out there, they have some characteristics in common. How do they stay wealthy? For the most part, they avoid spending excessive amounts of money. In other words, they save (gathering energy). Also, many rich people love alligator leather shoes and bags (an extremely yang animal skin), they love diamonds (the most yang object we can imagine), and they carry large amounts of cash close to their bodies. Even if they carry their gold VISA or MCs, they always have that cash, because it will attract more cash to them -- strong gathering energy.

How can we attract more money to us? Logically, one answer is to save your money. Another answer, according to feng shui, is to keep your money both on your body, near one of your chakras, and also in the north west part of your home. You can also put a diamond in a glass of water, and drink this water daily, for about one week. If you are a singer and want to improve your voice, wear a diamond over your throat.

Be mindful, however, that if you increase your luck with things in the material world, other areas of your life may be more unlucky -- the balance of yin and yang. For this reason, it is important to maintain a balanced diet avoiding extremes. When you pray, pray both for your health and for more money in your life.

Good Luck with Love

The way to get a boy or girlfriend is based on the same ideas of how energy works with money. Many of us have Mr. or Mrs. Right in our mind's eye, that million dollar mate, and we are waiting and waiting for that person to come. We may meet other single people, but they somehow do not fit that image or that ideal, so we discard them as options, perhaps even without knowing them at all.

Where are we going wrong? Isn't it OK to have high standards? Well, it could be that our judgements and pickyness suppress this energy from flowing into our lives. It would be better to date lots of people at first (the $1 dollar type) to stimulate this flow of energy. As we keep dating the $1 people, suddenly we will notice that the people we begin dating are $5 dollar people, and then $10 dollar people, and then $100 dollar people.... You get the point. As soon as the energy gathers in our lives, more people, and better choices will be attracted to us.

This logic should hold true for anything we want in our lives. If we want to be healthier, we should surround ourselves with healthy people. (Conversely, avoid hospitals, drugs, and other things that carry the energy of sick people). If we want to have a strong macrobiotic practice, it is a good idea to spend time with macrobiotic people.

Does this mean we should avoid sick people? (For the purpose of this article, sick people are defined as those who immediately and/or automatically take drugs or visit the doctor when they feel out of balance.) If our condition is stronger than the sick person, we will give some of our energy to them and lift them up. If however, someone is sicker than you are healthy, then be careful. You can take on their sickness.

Learning from Hiroyuki always provides a lot of interesting ideas to consider. I don't know if they are true or not, but it is fun to think about and test through personal experience. Mom, can I borrow you diamond ring for about one week?

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