Monday, August 02, 2010

7 Levels of Judgment

Have you ever noticed how macrobiotic theory likes to classify things? Here are the 7 levels of judgment according to one's approach to eating.

At what level(s) do you tend to be? (They say that most of us never reach the 7th level!)

1. Physical = "I eat to stay alive"
2. Sensorial = "Mmmmm. It tastes good"
3. Sentimental = "This food reminds me of something good/bad from my childhood"
4. Intellectual = "This food is nutritious"
5. Social/Moral = "I don't believe in killing animals", or "This food is grown organically"
6. Ideological = "My religion says to eat/avoid this food"
7. Supreme = "I eat or drink whatever I want because I am free and know how to balance my health according to universal principles (and this includes all the previous levels)"

Where would you classify Homer Simpson, for example? (Comments welcome!)


Debinhawaii said...

I'm going to say sensorial. ;-) He seems to love the taste of his food. Interesting post! I think I spend most time in intellectual & social/moral but dabble in sensorial and sentimental now & then. I need to work harder towards supreme.

Leslie said...

Hi Deb. Thanks for reading the blog and taking time to comment. I think I'm like you in the levels. Hope your weekend is going well. Leslie :-)