Friday, May 29, 2009

Macrobiotic Dinner, Frequently Asked Questions

Macrobiotic Community Dinner, next dates June 10 and June 19, 2009

Q. Do you have to be a church member to go to the dinner? Similarly, are there only church people there?

A. This dinner is completely 100% open to all. We have a wide variety of people who attend, some of whom happen to be church members, but the majority of whom are not affiliated with the church. The Church of the Crossroads has a long history of supporting a wide variety of people who are invested in peaceful, non-violent, green and sustainable living. They generously allow us use of their space.

Q. Do you have to come at 6:00 pm?

A. You can come all the way up until 7:30! Even if you are running late, we try to be as flexible as possible by holding dinners for people until we are finished cleaning.

Q. Is everyone there vegan and/or macrobiotic?

A. We have a wide range of customers who come from diverse backgrounds. What everyone seems to have in common is that they want to enjoy a healthy meal that aligns with their value system of eating healthy, delicious, local, organic, whole foods.

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