Thursday, June 09, 2005

Macrobiotic Pregnancy and morning sickness

It seems like all my female friends and family are preganant. That is so thrilling for them. I can't wait to see their sweet keikis! My cousin was asking about what to eat on the macrobiotic diet to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy, and another friend was telling me that she has morning sickness. Here are are few ideas for them:

For a healthy pregnancy, eat the standard macrobiotic diet. See for exactly what this is. The main point is that it's important to avoid extremes.

For morning sickness (nausea, queasiness, and lack of desire for certain foods, or foods in general), in Macrobiotic Pregnancy and Care of the Newborn, Aveline Kushi says:

Yin morning sickness comes from the overintake of sugar, fruit, fruit juice, milk, and other dairy products, spices, tomatoes, and other more yin items. The standard diet, together with reducing extreme yin, will help offset the morning sickness. Stronger cooking methods are recommended in these cases.

Yang morning sickness comes from too much salt, baked food, animal products, and other more yang items. The stomach stomach and other organs become overly contracted. Women often lose their appetite for things like brown rice and cooked vegetables (yang repels yang). Relax your lifestyle and make your diet more yin. Soft cooked rice and other grains are helpful, as is mochi/sweet rice, umeboshi or sour pickles, grated raw daikon with tamari and nori. In addition, tempura can be taken a few times a week, and sweet vegetables are nice too , such as squash, daikon, carrot, parsnip and others. Other recommendations are to reduce salt, enjoy some yang berries in small quantities, amazake, or hot apple juice.

For a home remedy for low appetite, miso soup is good, and so is umeboshi , as with ume-sho-bancha or ume-sho-kuzu drinks.

This book says not to worry about morning sickness. It's not a serious problem, and will go away after the third month.

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